"Let me help you create the most beautiful you, inside and out."



“Dr. Keyvani offers a high level of personal care throughout her practice. My initial visit was a thoughtful and comprehensive consult to establish a patient/doctor relationship that left me feeling like I made a connection with a care provider who has my best interest as her focus.”

Kim Klein

“Dr. Keyvani has been my doctor for nine years and I’ve never felt more comfortable and cared for. She takes care of the whole person and I appreciate it.”

Pat King

“Dr. Keyvani performed the da Vinci surgery to help with my endometriosis. Thanks to her help, support and encouragement I have a beautiful son.”

Laura Tancredi

“Dr. Keyvani is without a doubt one of the best doctors I’ve had the good fortune of knowing. I’ve been to countless doctors with my gynecological issues. Dr. Keyvani was the first doctor to listen – really, really listen to what I had to say. She reviewed my previous test results and nailed the issue within minutes. Further testing confirmed her diagnosis. She skillfully and meticulously performed my three hour surgery and completely resolved all my issues. The thing I remember the most is the time she spent with me just before the surgery to comfort me and reassure me. She was compassionate and gentle. I owe my life to her. Today I feel wonderful thanks to Dr. Keyvani.”

Joyce Morris

“Dr. K is the bomb. She takes time and listens carefully to all of her patients. She is the only gynecologic surgeon I will ever go to.”


“From my initial contact on the telephone to the intake session and appointment with Dr. Keyvani, I was more than pleased with the way that I’ve been treated. All were very professional and confident and considerate. I had gone with some issues that I felt were unusual. But Dr. Keyvani listened, asked questions and told me what her plan for treatment would be. She was sympathetic yet relaxed and very easy to talk to. I enjoyed my visit very much and would recommend this office to any of my friends without hesitation. Upon leaving, I was thanked for choosing this practice. It was very nice to be acknowledged in that way.”


“I would highly recommend the super photo facial. The results were a fabulous clear and brighter complexion. Having started the process with many freckles, I was very skeptical. Not anymore! The smile it put on my face was priceless! Dr. K and her staff answered all of my questions and followed through with cream and lotion advice.”

Pam D

“Everything turned out as she said. I have four acupuncture holes, no long scars, and a very comfortable shortened recovery.”


“I had to keep reminding myself that I DID just have surgery because I felt so good! My family and friends could not believe how soon I was up and going.”


“I am completely healed up now and have resumed my normal life again. I must say that the da Vinci hysterectomy was the best decision I have ever made in my life.”


“There was little to no bleeding, and I only had 4 small incisions sites on my stomach. No huge scars or stitches! Over the next several days I began to notice that physically as well as mentally I was feeling better than I had felt in years!”