Sexual Enhancements

Male Climax Shot

What is a Male Climax Shot Shot?

The Male Climax Shot is an in-office painless treatment that helps improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction.  The  Physician will administer injections of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) into the penis. The PRP is harvested from your own blood, and has over 30 identified growth factors. The PRP will stimulate healthier blood vessels, better blood flow, collagen production, and helps rejuvenate tissue resulting in a stronger erection.

What are the benefits of the Male Climax Shot?

  • ​​​​​​​Increase vascularity

  • Helps with erectile dysfunction

  • Helps with premature ejaculation

  • Increase erection size

  • Increase sexual libido

What happens during the treatment?

Once you arrive for your appointment, the  physician will use a topical numbing agent to make sure you are comfortable during the treatment. Next, a local anesthetic will be injected to numb the entire area. A simple blood draw will be performed in special tubes used to harvest a high concentration of PRP. Once the Platelet Rich Plasma is ready, the physician  will carefully inject the penis in specific locations like glans, to give you an optimal results. Patients will benefit from a series of treatments.  

Coupled with Eclipse ASWT (Acoustic Sound Wave Therapy), this painless treatment has been shown to be effective for restoring erectile function in the appropriate patients. Please see our page on Erectile Dysfunction under our services menu for more information.

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