Medical Services

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP facials employ the use of specific blood product that is drawn and processed or “spun” from a patient and then used on the same patient as a serum. It not only significantly enhances, repairs and rejuvenates the area treated, but also has virtually no risk of adverse reaction or sensitivity which can occur with the use of any other products, such as peptide, vitamin C serums or Hyaluronic acids.

The PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) can be used in conjunction with micro-needling, laser procedures or direct dermal injections, alone or in combination with fillers. This concentrated serum, rich in growth factors and proteins, has a healing and renewing effect on tissue. You are using the building blocks of repair from one’s own blood. This has been shown to improve the effectiveness of cosmetic procedures by up to 1000%! For example: micro-needling treatment with PRP can be up to 10x more effective than micro-needling alone. It takes about 1 hour from start to finish. The procedure is safe, effective and convenient.

PRP may be used for restoring hair loss, as well as treating hair that is thinning. PRP allows the cellular messenger signals to help restore cell damage while promoting natural healing. The cellular signals are able to repair, restore and regenerate damaged or injured tissue. Thinning hair, and hair loss is a result of a decrease in the chemical signal from the cells to the follicles. These follicles are capable of producing new hair growth.

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