Medical Marijuana Certification

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is a drug from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. Even though many people use the word “marijuana” when referencing cannabis, the term “marijuana” specifically references the dried flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant.

Medical marijuana, also known as medical cannabis, is used to treat a variety of symptoms including nausea, pain, muscle stiffness, muscle spasticity and loss of appetite. In some states, laws have been passed that allow doctors to certify individuals with certain serious medical conditions to obtain medical marijuana from a state-licensed dispensary. It may be dispensed to those who have conditions such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, seizures, neurological diseases and HIV/AIDS. 

In the state of Pennsylvania, according to Act 16 of 2016—the Medical Marijuana Act, the term “medical marijuana” refers to marijuana obtained for certified medical use by a Pennsylvania resident with a serious medical condition and is limited by statute in Pennsylvania to use in the following forms:

  • Pill
  • Oil
  • Topical forms including, gels, creams and ointments
  • Tincture
  • Liquid
  • A form medically appropriate for administration by vaporization or nebulization, excluding dry leaf or plant form. 
Here at Dr. Hurtubise’s office, we will help guide you through the process, which includes registering online, a consultation with Dr. Hurtubise to certify your qualifying conditions, and information on how to obtain the medical marijuana once you receive your medical marijuana card from the state.

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